The Animation of Michael (A Series!)

I’ve spoken about the Jackson 5 series on the blog  before and talked about how much Michael loved being a cartoon with his brothers in the ‘70s.

“I was already a devoted fan of film and animation by the time ‘The Jackson 5ive’ Saturday morning cartoon show started appearing over network television in 1971… I loved being a cartoon. It was so much fun to get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and look forward to seeing ourselves on the screen. It was like a fantasy come true for all of us” - Michael Jackson.

As an 80’s baby, I grew up watching several animated versions of Michael in shows like South Park, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy. But, I enjoy the features most that involved Michael in the creative process or included his songs in the finished product.

Michael Jackson was a big fan of the art of animation and cartoons in general. He spoke about it in the February 1983 issue of Rolling Stone.

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