What I've Been Up To Lately

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I haven't been around on the blog lately. I have slowly but surely made the transition to Youtube, which I am super excited about! I feel like video has been a great way to be more open about the things I am into, how I feel about related topics in the fandom, and share some of the new places I've visited. My video visiting the set of TDCAU also hit 10K, it really made me feel proud- so THANK you for the support!

On one of my latest videos, I posted a review of King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush. He and Dennis Tompkins were Michael Jackson's costume designers for years and in his book, you will find details about so many of Michael's iconic outfits. Check out the video if you're interested to hear about my viewpoint on it OR  even better, check out the book yourself here:  https://amzn.to/2M49oPr


Loving Joe's Juice lately! Since the beginning of Spring I've been on a really healthy eating kick lately and enjoying juices and smoothies. This one had broccoli, spinach, avocado, apple and lemon in it- SOOOO good!


I went to see Summer, the Donna Summer musical last weekend and had an amazing time. Not only was it interesting to hear about Donna's story and see how some of her hit songs came to be, I loved the visuals with each performance. My favorites were "She Works Hard for the Money," Hot Stuff," and "On the Radio".  If you guys haven't heard already, the MJ estate is working on a Broadway musical for Michael now. VERY COOL! 



I'll be coming on here to still keep up with blogging from time to time and of course, still do the articles and write ups that MJFANGIRL has been known for. I'll just also be using this space to post some personal updates and things on my mind as well. 


Until next time...