Life Update & Visiting the Brazil Filming Location from TDCAU

Hey everyone! 

Life has been crazy hectic lately and I apologize for not being as active here I should be. The good news is, I have been more active over on both my Instagram and on Youtube. One of the most exciting things happened to me last month though, and I'm writing today to update you guys about it. 

Visiting Brazil was a concept that honestly never was on my bucket list. It was something I would never imagined being able to experience, even in my wildest dreams. But it happened for the first time last year and I visited Sao Paolo. Only to say in my mind. one day I WILL make it to the place where Michael filmed TDCAU... and it happened! 

I ended up being only a few blocks away from it where I had to attend a corporate meeting. I was able to do a quick change into my Oludum shirt and head over to Pelourhinho Square, to capture the visit. It was truly a moment I will never forget. 


Here are some photos I took there:

For more on my adventure, check out my video on MJFANGIRL TV: