My Michael Jackson T-Shirt Collection

michael jackson shirt collection

So, I want you guys to know something. I LOOOOOVE collecting Michael Jackson t-shirts. If you have been following me on social media or here on the blog for any length of time, I am sure this is something you've already figured out about me. Now I could go on for pages and pages why I love shopping for MJ shirts, why I wear them and all of that stuff but, I want to keep this post brief.

Here's the 411 on my Michael Jackson collection and some of recommendations for those wanting to start a collection of their own.

How long have you been collecting Michael Jackson t-shirts? 

I've been collecting MJ shirts for almost 20 years. When I got my first job in high school and found out that a Paypal account didn't take much to start up, I began my hunt for Michael Jackson shirts on e-Bay. I've been collecting ever since! 


How many Michael Jackson shirts do you have?

55 and counting.

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Where do you get your vintage shirts from? 

Most of my vintage Michael Jackson shirts have come from either or my favorite place, the Poshmark app. Join me on Poshmark, if you want to find great Michael Jackson (and other!) vintage shirts and memorabilia on the cheap. Sign up with code MJSLIBERIANGRL to save $5:


How do you care for your vintage shirts?

Anything older than 20 years is hand washed. For all other shirts that I throw in the washing machine, I almost NEVER follow up by putting them in the dryer. Most MJ shirts have great large graphics on the front and I honestly am afraid of the images melting or becoming hard/warped. So tips are- hand wash with baby detergent or a delicate detergent  and air dry!



Where do you buy your shirts from? 

Most of my shirts are purchased online. There are many stores that sell licesned official shirts in their own respective styles. You can also purchase shirts from the Official MJ Website but, I personally have not since around 2011. I'm sure those are nice depending on what style you like but, I like either boyfriend cut or very feminine cut shirts, so non-unisex choices usually work best for me. 

Here are places I check every month to see:


Remember, if you want good shirts, you need to be persistent and check in every month to see what they have available.


And that's it! 

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and keep buying and WEARING your MJ shirts. Show the world how much MJ is loved and missed. I know this is something I'll always be proud to do :)

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