The Ultimate Christmas Collection & Christmas Giveaway!

It's been a minute since my last entry here. To be honest, I've been going through some personal things that have torn me away from the world of Michael Jackson for a while. During my busy seasons, from high school finals, to specialization exams, to changes in life - I tend to take a break from Michael. Not to say that his music is a distraction at all but, I'd be lying if I said that I can totally focus on important things with MJ music in the background. Haha! 

I just got back from overseas and realized that Christmas is just a few days away. There's nothing like frigid New York weather and holiday shop windows to remind you of it. :-) This is usually my favorite time of year but, after the recent loss of my last surviving grandparent, this holiday season been a difficult season for my family. In spite of everything, I decided to throw on the Jackson 5 Christmas album last night. And guys... for the first time this winter, I felt some holiday joy.

So much of Christmas for me is about gratitude. Thankful for family, for friends, for health, for God's love. And a big part of gratitude for me, is also being thankful for the fan community. Throughout my time in the MJFAM (almost 2 decades now!) I've found comfort in knowing that I have friends of all ages, backgrounds, and in places all over the world. And over the past year I've had the chance to meet even more people through mjfangirl. 

download (2).jpg

As a thank you to my subscribers, I'm hosting a giveaway of some of my favorite items. Here's how to enter:

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That's it!

Enter this giveaway now through December 15th. One comment will be selected randomly from the YouTube comment section on the Christmas giveaway video. Winner must be subscribed to my channel and following me on Instagram at the time of selection, otherwise the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

Oh and did I mention, the first item on this list is The Jackson 5 Christmas album? :)

I will be giving away the version photographed here.

This is my favorite version because it includes some dope mixes and acapella recordings. I think you guys will love it just as much as I do.