Why I Fell In Love with the Jacksons.

Anyone else love the break down in "Shake Your Body" that Michael would do to close out the BAD tour? The way the guitarist was strummin' and the horns were blazin'... Can anyone else not resist dancing like a fool when that's on?

If anyone knows me or has read this blog, they know that I am goo-goo ga-ga for Michael's career as part of a group.

I actually continued to support and go see the Jacksons after Michael''s pasisng in 2009. To date, I have seen them 4 times on the Jacksons Unity Tour (and once with Michael at the 2001 MSG 30th Anniversary shows).

I actually fell in love with the Jackson 5 before I started to love Michael as a solo artist.

I'd always appreciated Michael as a child because let's face it, my parents would play MOONWALKER for me as a toddler and played the BAD album 'til it could be played no more. My dad had a set of two turntables and a massive sound system that he'd built as a young adult, in our basement. Sometimes he would mix the BAD single with the Dance Mix for fun, or we"d turn on FOX as a family to watch the World Premiere of "Remember the Time," and from time to time we'd sit and watch MJ on all of the award shows and it was peachy. But I distinctly remember my dad putting the Jackson 5 Anthology record on the turntable and turning the lights down low. He told me to close my eyes and listen closely...

I think those moments changed my life.

As I closed my eyes, I became immersed in Michael's voice... "Listen to the sweet sounds" of the songs that only a 60's baby would know by heart. At the age of 12 I was introduced to songs like "Ready or Not," "All I Do (Is Think of You" and "Daddy's Home". But it was one song that I found a deeper connection with. It was "Maybe Tomorrow" that spoke to my heart. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Michael was around my age when he sang it. Or maybe it was because he sang of heartbreak, hope for the future, the ups and downs of love. I never knew I'd grow up to experience the woes that a young Michael sang so convincingly of. I never knew that, at 12, nearly 15 years later, I'd experience the feeling of... Maybe Tomorrow.

Never did I realize that I'd grow to appreciate the meaning of Michael's words as an adult. I don't know what I found that made the Jackson 5 my favorite group, nearly 3 decades after they'd disbanded. I don't know what went through my mind when I tore out pictures of the Jacksons from vintage magazines and hung them up in my middle school locker, posted them in my binder. (All the other girls loved NSync, 98 Degrees, and the groups like that...) Sometimes I think back and wonder what I was thinking.

I guess somewhere in my heart I wished I was a part of the Jacksons. I wished that I had 6 brothers and a host of beautiful sisters and what seemed like a perfect family life. I guess that's part of the illusion and although I know so many things about the Jacksons that no one could have possibly known way back when, they still give me this sense of royalty, class, and togetherness.

The Jacksons music is feel-good, wholesome (for the most part), and something I am so happy to have been "obsessed with" for a good part of my life.

I miss Michael but, am thankful for the opportunity to see the rest of the original Jackson 5 members whenever they come into town.

A Night with Austin Brown - NYC BET Music Matters Review

Hey all!

How has everyone been doing?

I have been trying to go lots of fun things to try and stay busy after work. I am not the clubbing type and I've become a super cheapskate so its sometimes a struggle to stay on top of this "afterwork fun" goal of mine. However, when I got the chance to attend this year's BET Music Matters event, I thought "hey- Why not?!".

Within my family and with non-fan friends, I am the resident Michael Jackson fan. (Among MJ fans, I'm the resident Jacksons fan but... That's another story for another post). Anyway, I kept getting texts and messages asking me to turn on 106 & Park to see a fresh (and very attractive!) face on the music scene. It just so happens that he is a 2nd generation member of the legendary Jackson family (and don't forget the Brown genes too- he always mentions it, hehe!) One of my friends was like "Austin Brown- do you know him? He's Janet Jackson's nephew!" to which I replied telling her

  1.  That I did indeed know of him    and 
  2.  That I was going to his first show in New York that very night!


Austin Brown's performance at BET Music Matters was nothing short of amazing! Here are 5 Things I Loved About It:

5. Style- he's got this funky signature style already and I love it! From his beanie hat to the denim vest and Converse sneakers and plaid patterned shirts, his style is very much HIM (and we all know how important that is).

4. The Band- his band was sooo talented and really had the place jamming! I loved the guy on the synthesizer/background vocals- DOPE!

3. His energy- he almost seemed like another person on stage! Austin's energy was very high and he was dancing, grooving, and feeling the music truly! I kinda have this thing for musicians who are THAT into their performances (makes you wanna jam right there with them!)

2. Personality- His personality totally shines through in his music. I especially loved the times in-between songs where he would talk and connect to the audience.

1. His Music- Three words--- BUY THE SINGLE! It's called Menage A Trois... and while you're at it, check out BET's 106 & Park and help to get this awesome music video on the countdown.

Meeting Austin

My friends and I actually got the chance to meet Austin twice! Once before the show, while we were waiting to get into the venue and once again after his performance. *Thanks to Gadget Trish for this, as she is probably the biggest JACKSON family supporter I know and I've heard that many of the Jackson family members watch and enjoy her videos on Youtube! Check her out here if you haven't already.*

Austin was super friendly and soooo down to Earth both times we met him! I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I saw him the first time.

I mean hey, I was looking forward to his show tonight and here he was standing right next to me and chatting casually all like HEY- What's Up!?   Haha.

He was nice enough to take photos with everyone after the show and that's super cool :).

Here's my photo with Austin:

If you ever get the opportunity to see Austin Brown perform-- do it! Not because he's a Jackson but because he is VERY talented, kind, and his career is about to take off to another level!

Thanks for reading everyone! For more information on Austin Brown, check these links out below!

Web:  austinbrown.com   Twitter:  @austinbrown    

Tumblr: http://austin85.tumblr.com/

Jacksons Unity-- 3rd Time's A Charm!

Yes, you can guess it! 

I went to see the Jacksons again and had a beautiful time! 3 times in less than 3 months has gotta be a record!

Although my MJ Family and I had to wait for 4-5 hours (some waited almost 20-- but I wasn't brave enough) but I got 6th row seats!

Did I mention the concert was free?!

Here is the only other Jacksons shirt I have. It's a Vintage Victory Tour reproduction shirt and I got it online from PacSun a while back. It's a J5 Collection shirt so, they may be limited but, totally worth it if you can find one online! Sorry there are no shots of me wearing it! I didn't have the time or anyone to help take pics of me in the sweltering heat (smile). 

Some random shots I took of the night! 

Did anyone else see the Jacksons Free Concert and enjoy it as much as I did?

Kudos to Brooklyn for being an awesome borough!