"i don't need no dreams when i'm by your side...

every moment takes me to paradise..."

"Baby Be Mine" has totally been my SONG lately! I feel like it's got that perfect "end of summer love" vibe. I always equate this song with the seasons changing and young love. I think if I were to fall in love again, I would want to feel all of what Michael is singing about in this song. 

With the temperature cooling down in New York City, I have been really making the switch from sleeveless to cardigan, from sandals to shoes, and even my choices in music have changed. 

I have been thinking of curating a couple of mood lists on Spotify for Michael Jackson fans. 

The songs I would want to listen to while driving, would be totally different than those I would listen to on public transportation, or while working out. Am I the only one who feels this way?

What are some of the moments you have specific playlists for?

Do you have a must-listen to song during your morning commute to work or school?

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