Song Review: One More Chance

Certain songs just take you back to a significant moment or period of time in your life. "One More Chance" just happens to be one of those songs for me.

I was in high school and super excited to get my NUMBER ONES album in the mail. This may have been my first online purchase of a CD. I got it because they offered a freebie poster along with all online purchases. Unfortunately, my excitement over recieving the album was superceded by my disappointment and sheer devestation in hearing that Michael's Neverland Ranch had been raided. Honestly, that was such a low point for me, as it was for many other MJ fans. That period in time taught me something though, as most times of turmoil teach those who experience them.

November 2003 gave me the strength to stand up for what I beleieved in. Michael's innocence and right to a fair trial of course, but also, it taught me to stand up and be proud to be a Michael Jackson fan.

One More Chance is a song that has just the right balance of emotions that could make it one of my favorites. Yes, it could be one of my favorite songs but, it just takes me back to the trial and puts me in a somber mood.  The song is about a man wanting just that one more chance to make things right with love. I don't think that this song is particularly about one lover, as the words are so vague. I think that's what makes it such a classic Michael song though. His songs are so specific yet so vague all at once and that's the beauty of his music.

What do you guys think about this song? 
Am I the only one who feels like its a time machine back to the trial?