Review: Dave Paul's PRINCE Vs. MICHAEL JACKSON party at DROM

Happy TUESDAY everyone!

Today's a pretty exciting time in the community isn't it? If you have not already heard, a new album composed of songs from the MJ vault, XSCAPE, is being released on 5/13/14. My first thought when I saw the promo was... Uhhhhh we have already heard XSCAPE before! I hope that the rest- if not all, of the album is made of songs that we actually have not heard. I guess we will see... Post your comments below if you have any additional information on this project :)

Now on to the main event...

This weekend I went to the Dave Paul Prince VS. Michael Jackson experience party with about twenty close friends. And yes.... I said twenty. People always ask me , who do you go to these Michael Jackson parties with? When I say I know all of the hardcore Jackson fans there... I am not lying. We all know each other from a past life.

Just joking!

We know each other from Legacy of Love, the fan club I run in NYC with my good friend MJYanaGirl and Thrill the World's NYC chapter. It goes without saying that when we are all there, it's always a fun time but, this weekend at DROM was probably the best Prince VS Michael Jackson event I've ever been to.

the girl was bad. the girl was dangerous. 

I decided to go wearing my new Urban Outfitters t-shirt. I got it in last week and I could not wait to throw it on. I am usually a size 4-6  depending on the brand so, a men's small fit me beautifully. If you're interested, check out Urban Outfitters, they offer free shipping with any purchase $50 or more... Buy one for you and a friend!

Dave and Marco (yes there were two DJs!) played all of the favorites from "I wanna be your lover" and "I want you back" to "Cream" and "Billie Jean". The party started jumping with non stop dance music from the beginning but, around 2am there was the sweet spot! They played DSTYGE and WBSS and all of my friends got on stage and danced their butts off! I even got up there for a few songs but, I really had no clue what I was doing, ha.

mjfangirl & my dancin' friend S

mjfangirl & my groovy friend I

mjfangirl & my lovely friend M

The highlight of the night was a little after 3am for me. To be honest, most other people had left by that point and it was mostly Michael Jackson fans at the venue. Dave Paul ended the party with my favorite Prince song "Adore" and a bunch of MJ music that you rarely ever hear in a party setting. Come on... Where else are you going to hear "I Can't Help It"... "Everybody" by the Jacksons... AND the full version of "I Am Love"???

Dave Paul knows that the Michael Jackson fans love and support his parties and in turn, always does something special for the fans!

photo courtesy of photographer Kurt W/ via FB

billie jean

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Jackson 5 Cartoon on DVD! This Animated Series Comes to DVD in January 2013!

Okay guys, so I am coming to you with a fun announcement. I just found out that the Jackson 5 television animated series is coming to DVD in a few months! According to the TV Shows on DVD website, the Jackson 5 Cartoon series will be released in its entirety on January 15, 2013. The episodes will be available on either a 2 DVD set or a set of 4 Blu-Ray discs. I have told you guys before about how much I LOVE the Jackson 5 (it was actually how I became a Michael fan) so this is something I am really excited about.  The site also states "The set -- which includes 23 full-length episodes -- is priced at $32.99 USD for the regular DVD (2 discs), and $39.99 USD for the Blu-ray (4 discs)."

I am an 80's baby so I did not technically grow up on the Jackson 5 cartoons when they first aired but, I have this VHS tape that my dad used to record all of the episodes that used to rerun on BET Network on the 90s. As a child I would always go to my grandparents house on the weekends, and so many afternoons I remember were spent watching the few recorded episodes of the Jackson 5 cartoon. This had to be what I was watching when I was 5 or 6 years old so, know that when I say I have been a Michael Jackson stan all my life... I mean it. 

(image via)

The Jackson 5 Cartoon was probably what helped peak my interest in the Jackson family as a child.  Although it only aired for 2 seasons, the cool thing about the cartoon is that all of the brothers had unique characteristics that shone through in the cartoon. Michael even had a pet mouse and his pet snake Rosie- who both helped the boys get out of pinches when they needed assistance the most! 

(image via)

I fondly remember my favorite episode of the series being one from the second season entitled, "Jackson and the Beanstalk". The episode features the songs "Love is Here and Now You're Gone" and "Girl, Don't Take Your Love from Me". I would highly recommend the J5 cartoon to those of you who have children that already love Michael Jackson but, you'd like to expose them to some of his earlier work. 

Okay so are you sold? I promise to be back with a great review of this DVD set early next year, as I have already made sure to Pre-Order it. You can Pre-Order yours too on for less than $30.00 (plus free shipping!)

What are your favorite Jackson 5 cartoon moments? Leave me a comment!


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BAD 25
Are you ready?
Today the Michael Jackson fan community got some of the best news that we've had in a LONG time.
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the BAD album, a number of limited edition collectors items will be avilaible on SEPTEMBER 18th, 2012. One of the most sought after concerts, Wembley 1988 will be released on DVD, as well as 3 CDs including demos and previously unreleased material, AND t-shirts, BAD Tour replica jacket and MORE!
When I get more information about this, I will post but, I will say that today has been one of the BEST days (in my opinion) for the Michael Jackson fan community in a really really long time!
Are you as excited about BAD 25 as I am?
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