hello, summer

I haven't put much time or energy into blogging lately.
It's almost as if when i realized i was not going to LA, I lost the desire to write here.
Totally meant to post my thoughts about Xscape, which is not only an awesome album but,
brought so much life and happiness back to the fan community.

Despite what people think about the MJ estate, posthumous releases and the like, Xscape was like a breath of fresh air. So modern yet SO Michael and true to his style.
Maybe one day soon I can get my act together enough to post a good review of the album! For now, I have to say that I am IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with "Loving You". To me it just encompasses everything fun/free about love and friendship. (CURRENTLY ON REPEAT MODE)

Also, I  FINALLY have a fun trip report coming up that I will be blogging on and
can't wait to share with you guys.

Summer has been going really well for me and we are only two weeks in....

Lots of michaeling WILL be going down this season!

until next time,

My Michael Jackson fandom, ever evolving.

There was a point in my life when Michael Jackson was the focal point of every single day. And at the beginning, my life outside of home compared to my time in my room were two different things.

Let me introduce you to MJFanGirl in high school. 
hi there, my name is mjfangirl and i am so studious, yes i am!

Here's what I went home to:
No space to sleep. Peep the old school phone!

Masquerade ball? Why yes, I will attend... as SIR Michael Jackson!

Michael Michael Michael Michaeeeeeeeel.

Here's an example of how my day may have gone as a high schooler:

I would pretty much wake up for school, get dressed listening to Michael, in between staring at the Michael Jackson posters on my wall. Head to school with Dangerous or Bad remastered CD in my Discman player, riding the bus and singing along in my head.

I'd open my Michael Jackson binder to take notes for class. During lunch, I'd head to the library and log onto MJJForum (which is now MJJCommunity). I might even use some time to print photos of Michael using my print allowance at school, to add to the ever-growing collage on my wall. I'd then go home, and spend hours watching Michael videos on Jetzi's site (this is BEFORE Youtube), downloading clips of Michael, and sometimes just spending time watching one of MANY MJ VHS tapes I made.

And after dinner, I'd juggle talking to my MJ fans on AIM, bidding for rare items (t-shirts!) on eBAY, commenting on online forums, and working on my Jackson 5 website. Yes... I had a Jackson 5 website.

Anyone in high school could tell you that I was the Michael Jackson fan. 
Let's be clear- I decorated my locker with his photos, collected any newspaper with his face on the cover, danced like him in every talent show. People thought I was obsessed but, I went to a small intellectual high school, so rarely was I ever bullied. I am sure I was made fun of behind my back but, for #MJFAM, that just comes with the territory.

What they don't know was that Michael Jackson fandom was more than just an obsession or a past-time for me. It was sort of a fantasy. There's no denying that I always fantasized about the numerous possibilities of how I could be a part of Michael's life. Maybe I could be his friend one day. Or marry one of his nephews, so I could be a Jackson too! Part of that fantasy still holds true in a way. It'd be my dream to work on the Michael Jackson estate team, using my experience, knowledge, and devotion to MJ to help promote his legacy to fans both old and new around the world.

I guess as time went on and I went away to college, met new people, and made new friends- Michael faded into the background. Every now and then, my fandom comes back with a burst of energy and excitement. I guess the way in which I show my love for Michael has evolved. But, I will never forget (and my oldest friends and family will never allow me to forget!) the golden days of my fandom.

Has your Michael Jackson fandom evolved through the years? 
What are some of your most memorable moments as an MJ fan?

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"Where'd you go?

I miss you so. 
Seems like its been forever, since you been gone."

Sorry that I've been away for so long.

Business trips.
Business trips.
Studying for exam.
Addicted to pinterest (follow me!)
Studying for exam.
More studying.

I guess that life has just kinda-sorta gotten in the way.

I've been keeping super busy these past few weeks and I've got to say-- I'm worn out! I haven't had time to update, much less have meetups but, my partner has pretty much taken things over from here on out. I hopefully can pass my exam and be done with it so I can officially move onto the next step in my career and in life.

I'll hopefully be back a lot more in a little bit but for now, I am on hiatus.

I'll be back. Promise.

Broke as a joke--- Onto the 2nd half of MJ Season!

Ahhhhhh- weekend's here again!

Well not REALLY but, hm, yeah it is almost here. I am talking about the weekend after having had almost 6 full days away from work. Its my first year with the company and seeing as I only had one week vacation (a lonely tear rolls down my cheek and violins play) I had to find a way to make the best of things. A word to the wise--- take off a Friday and your weekdays so you have the weekend off too in succession with your weekday vacay. An old boss of mine used to use all of her PTO days right before/after national holidays and weekends (LIKE A BOSS).

Anyway since Michael Jackson season and some other things I've gotten into have totally caused me to blow my monthly budget out of the water, I'm super broke for the rest of the summer. Or at least I have to play broke, to catch up with my savings goals. I've been shopping and cooking to try and offset the costs of lunch and dinner every day. My meals are pretty cheap since I buy in bulk but, I'm often too tired to pack the damn lunch into my Pyrex bowl. CRAZY me!

Anyway, look at my trip this week- all for under 37 bucks! (My curiosity and recent interest in Greek Yogurt put me 2 bucks over my planned budget, so sue me!)

I am in desperate need of some money saving tips!

Any advice for me? :-)

The Adventures of an MJ Fan: Vegas in a Nutshell.

Okay so I know that this is LONG LONG LONG overdue but I wanted to finally come on here to talk to you guys about my trip to Vegas.

By the pool.

Why, why? Tell em that it's Human Nature.

This is not what you think though! Human Nature is a group from Australia that has seen great pop success and is known for their awesome renditions of Motown classics. I was determined to see a show in Vegas and the LEGENDS show was recommended to me a number of times but, something about this group peaked my interest. Singing classics like Stevie Wonder's "Uptight," "My Girl," and "Just My Imagination," by the Temptations and even getting into some Supremes classics like "Stop! In the Name of Love" and "Ooh Baby" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, this was truly a great night. (Did I mention that they also did  "ABC" and "I'll Be There"?) If you get a chance to hit up Las Vegas, I highly recommend going to see this show!

I stopped by the Venitian and walked around for a few hours and look what I spotted!

Michael, you just never leave me alone, do you?

And a closing shot of me in my BAD era sunglasses.... LOVE EM! Thanks for reading and be back soon with more fun!

"Don't Let It Get You Down" and this week in photos.

Hello everyone,

My work week has been super busy but, I wanted to come over and write an update on some of what's been going on with me lately. I think if I had to choose a theme song to describe my life over the past few days it would be "Don't Let It Get You Down" (found on the Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection album). To be honest, I have had a lot of emotions and a lot of ups and downs and decisions to make. I almost let ME get the best of me but, I am definitely feeling better and am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.

Here are a few photo reflections from my week of ups and downs.

Snow tubing over the weekend. Photos were taken in Instagram!

I've been listening to this album all week. Something about listen to Michael's live performing voice is so therapeutic for me.

Yummy Salmon meal that I made one night after work. And a bento box from a Japanese resturant in Chelsea.

It is still pretty cold here in New York city so, I have been staying bundled up. I seriously cannot wait until Spring and all of the great fashion that comes along with it. Cannot wait to wear my baby pinks, mint greens, and light denim.
On my agenda this weekend, working on some really exciting Michael Jackson related projects that I will be letting you all know about soon. Also, I will be playing around with some of my cute MJ looks because there is a big Michael Jackon vs. Prince party here in NYC on February 10th. I personally have never understood the whole Prince versus MJ phenomenon, especially since Michael's career was so much longer and his music cataologue, so much more diverse. I must say though, that I really do enjoy these parties and any excuse to get together with Michael Jackson friends is okay with me!

If you are in the New York City and would like to attend with fellow fans, check out the

Are any of you guys going to that?
What will you be wearing?