Spike Lee's Brooklyn Loves MJ 2014

Hello hello!
It's been a long time!

Summer has been good to me and Autumn is fast approaching. Can you believe how time flies?

I am back today to share my experience at this year's Brooklyn Loves MJ party, presented by Spike Lee & 40 Acres.
 In previous years, the celebration was held at Prospect Park but, after a few years of cancellations, and a shutdown from Hurricane Irene, Spike Lee and DJ Spinna reunited again on August 24th, 2014 at Restoration Plaza.

The party ran from 12-6 but, I got there around 2pm.  The space was much smaller than the Nethermead meadow at Prospect Park but, the energy was very much the same. I met up with some of my closest friends there. The funny thing about MJFAM, is that we may not speak to each other for months (sometimes even years!) but when we come together for huge events like Brooklyn Loves MJ, it's ALL about love and friendship.

Being around people and all enjoying Michael's music makes it an emotional experience for me.

My favorite part about being at the Spike Lee party, is feeling Michael's energy there. I consider myself to be a spiritual person and I often feel God's presence in my life. I often get those "aha! moments," humbling moments, and a sense of direction on which path I should be taking. But, other than God...  at times, I feel the presence of loved ones that I have lost. 

Although I never met him and have only seen him perform live once, Michael Jackson has had a profound impact on my life. He's been a pillar of strength for me. He's inspired me to never give up chasing dreams and working hard... and just made it cool to be different. His fans are people that I've always felt at home with, because we were all DIFFERENT in unique ways but, all accepted each other at face value. Something I had never really experienced before being a part of this community. 

It's sad to think about the fact that Michael is no longer with us but, when I attend events like Brooklyn Loves MJ, I see the impact that he has had on people and I feel his presence in the air. 

Happy (early) Birthday Michael.
Thanks for bringing so much JOY to the world. 

Review: Dave Paul's PRINCE Vs. MICHAEL JACKSON party at DROM

Happy TUESDAY everyone!

Today's a pretty exciting time in the community isn't it? If you have not already heard, a new album composed of songs from the MJ vault, XSCAPE, is being released on 5/13/14. My first thought when I saw the promo was... Uhhhhh we have already heard XSCAPE before! I hope that the rest- if not all, of the album is made of songs that we actually have not heard. I guess we will see... Post your comments below if you have any additional information on this project :)

Now on to the main event...

This weekend I went to the Dave Paul Prince VS. Michael Jackson experience party with about twenty close friends. And yes.... I said twenty. People always ask me , who do you go to these Michael Jackson parties with? When I say I know all of the hardcore Jackson fans there... I am not lying. We all know each other from a past life.

Just joking!

We know each other from Legacy of Love, the fan club I run in NYC with my good friend MJYanaGirl and Thrill the World's NYC chapter. It goes without saying that when we are all there, it's always a fun time but, this weekend at DROM was probably the best Prince VS Michael Jackson event I've ever been to.

the girl was bad. the girl was dangerous. 

I decided to go wearing my new Urban Outfitters t-shirt. I got it in last week and I could not wait to throw it on. I am usually a size 4-6  depending on the brand so, a men's small fit me beautifully. If you're interested, check out Urban Outfitters, they offer free shipping with any purchase $50 or more... Buy one for you and a friend!

Dave and Marco (yes there were two DJs!) played all of the favorites from "I wanna be your lover" and "I want you back" to "Cream" and "Billie Jean". The party started jumping with non stop dance music from the beginning but, around 2am there was the sweet spot! They played DSTYGE and WBSS and all of my friends got on stage and danced their butts off! I even got up there for a few songs but, I really had no clue what I was doing, ha.

mjfangirl & my dancin' friend S

mjfangirl & my groovy friend I

mjfangirl & my lovely friend M

The highlight of the night was a little after 3am for me. To be honest, most other people had left by that point and it was mostly Michael Jackson fans at the venue. Dave Paul ended the party with my favorite Prince song "Adore" and a bunch of MJ music that you rarely ever hear in a party setting. Come on... Where else are you going to hear "I Can't Help It"... "Everybody" by the Jacksons... AND the full version of "I Am Love"???

Dave Paul knows that the Michael Jackson fans love and support his parties and in turn, always does something special for the fans!

photo courtesy of photographer Kurt W/ via FB

billie jean

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Making and KEEPING Michael Jackson Fan Friends & Underexposed Photos

If you have visited my blog more than once, you may have seen one of my most popular posts on your screen, "How to Make Michael Jackson Fan Friends". I went over some key points on how to make friends that are a part of the MJFAM and I realized last weekend, just how many of the Michael Jackson fan friends I have made over the years are still a part of my life.

I can say that our friendships have all had peaks and valleys but, some of the women photographed below have been a part of my life since I was 16 years old- over a decade of laughter, fun, and L.O.V.E.! See if you can spot any of them in the photo from the How to Make Friends entry-- they were ALL there at my very first hang-out session with fellow MJ fans.

So the secret to keeping friends from the MJFAM?

Staying in TOUCH and making sure that we not only celebrate Michael's triumphs and victories but also, that we acknowledge each others! The great thing about having friends with this great common interest, is that whenever life tears us apart, things like the trial vindication day (JUNE 13 2005), the announcement of the O2 THIS IS IT concerts, and even Michael's untimely death, bring us back together. I know that I have some friends for life and I thank Michael Jackson and his music, for providing me with a hobby through which to meet like-minded men and women. 

In case you were wondering, these photos were all taken (well most of them) by me, at our latest Victory Tour Screening meetup. 

I am so sad that they are so underexposed! In fact, I was embarrassed to post them at first but, then I figured why not? The room was quite dark but, I wish that these would have come out a little bit lighter. I think this summer I am going to invest in some more photography classes. Perhaps if there's a Groupon! My DSLR is one of the best investment I've made in years but, I have recently been enamored by the thought of having an instant film camera like this one-  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (in White!) . I think summertime would be the best time to experiment. Wouldn't it be cute to have a cute vintage looking camera to tote around that prints out photos in under 2 minutes?! Now to only find friends and events to attend to take photos of ... *smile*

Apart from the occasional grocery shopping splurge, I have been saving lots of money otherwise. Don't want anything to disrupt my rhythm so, I am thinking of going on another NO BUY challenge. Of course, I will have to make an exception for the BAD 25 Documentary DVD. (Have you seen? It's on sale July 2nd on the Michael Jackson Official Site!)

At this age, I am starting to think long and hard about a future and about family and I want to make sure that I have a nice firm, monetary cushion- so that I'll never have to worry about living check-to-check or anything similar in the near future. Kinda like Michael did for his children... what? A girl can dream big, can't she?  

til next time, 


A Guide to Michael Jackson Season for #MJFAM- Part One

If you are at all attentive to the Michael Jackson online community, I am sure that you've come across the term "Michael Jackson season" more than a few times. The well-known "all things Jackson" Youtube guru Gadget Trish coined this term a few years ago. It refers to a period in time during which the Michael Jackson community is most active. After 2009, June pretty much kicked off Michael Jackson season but to my surprise (and JOY)- Michael season is starting earlier and earlier as time goes by. (I ain't made at that!)

If you aren't living in NYC, you may not even be familiar with the events associated with MJ season but, I am hoping that this post will break down all of the biggest events in Michael Jackson season 2013. I plan on doing another update later this summer in a part 2 installment but for now, take a look at what the season will bring us in May and June.


Thrill the World NYC & Legacy of Love at the 2013 Dance Parade

This year two of the most loved groups within the MJ fan community will join forces to dance at the annual New York City Dance Parade! Rehearsals are just about through but, there is still time for you to join in by being a spectator and cheering fellow #mjfam on!  One of the coolest things about this year is that they will be LEADING the parade- a HUGE and awesome honor.

The parade is on Saturday, May 18th-   join the Facebook event for more information! (Oh and if you like what you see- be sure to join in next year!)

Who's Bad Tribute Show

I have been to this show only once but, I have to say that it's my absolute favorite tribute show. The great thing about Who's Bad is not only the fact that they are big MJ fans themselves but, also that they take advantage of having a live band and encourage fan interaction. If you are a Michael Jackson fan who has never experienced Michael live, I would highly recommend this show to you. PS:  I am not one for impersonations so... coming from me, this is a pretty big deal!  The Who's Bad Show will be going down at BB King's in NYC on May 30th but, be sure to check the band's Official Website for more information on tour dates around the world.


Apollo Theater Vigil with MJ Fans of NY 

Everyone knows that the Apollo Theatre is one of the places that the Jackson Five got their start. I personally go to the Apollo with many other fans, to join MJ Fans of NY in this annual vigil. On an otherwise somber and sad day, this is a great way to celebrate Michael's music and life with others. You won't really find your typical #mjfam fan but, more of the general public that has enjoyed his music. Nevertheless, if you like seeing people dancing and enjoying the music, but don't mind shedding a few tears when we all join hands and sing "Man In The Mirror" when dusk sets in, this gathering is for you. For more information... just show up on June 25th in front of Harlem's Apollo Theater.

In the Studio With Michael Jackson Seminars    (Buy Tickets Now on Ticketbud.com)

If anyone knows me, they know that I am all about the MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC. This event is pretty much a dream come true for a fan like me so I have been urging all of my friends across the US to show this event some love and buy tickets! If you haven't heard (or seen my last post) here's a quick run-down of this unique and one of a kind seminar. 

Technical director to Michael Jackson for nearly two decades, Brad Sundberg has announced a series of informative seminars to take place this June in New York City. Brad will be sharing behind-the-scenes stories and little known facts from his time working with Michael on the Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory albums. This interactive, music and video-filled seminar will bring fans closer than they could ever imagine to working with Michael “In the Studio”. Brad will share the back stories from the projects he worked on, including firsthand experiences of being with Michael when we wrote and recorded his demos and songs. For more on Brad and what he says we can expect from the seminar, check out his exclusive Q&A with MJJC .
Only 50 fans have the chance to be at each seminar and VIP tickets for the first day are already sold out! I personally can't wait for this, as I feel it will bring me closer to Michael and bring me a greater understanding of what went into the music that was to become the SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE. I hope that a lot of fans show up, as it is rare that anyone who has worked so closely with Michael is willing to spend one-on-one time with the MJ fan base.   

I will be at most (if not all) of these events and I totally look forward to celebrating and enjoying the special gifts that Michael left us, with my Michael Jackson family again this year. 

What will YOU be doing this MJ season? Got any other events to add to the list?

NOTE: If you are interested in getting involved in the "offline" fan community, you should join the most awesome MJ group on the planet (if I do say so myself!) Legacy of Love. My co-organizer and I would love to have ya! <3

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Breaking News: Legacy of Love NY MJ Fan Club Makes Headlines!

So proud. 

I never could have imagined that this small little club could become something so big, so meaningful, and so much fun for so many fans along the East Coast. 

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to make friends, this is certainly it.


To join Legacy of Love check us out here (oh and tell em that MJFANGIRL sent cha). 

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King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson - Michael Bush New York Book Signing

I just wanted to pop in and announce to my readers that my partner in crime and fellow co-organizer at Legacy of Love has made a huge announcement! 

After much questioning and reaching out to the Michael Bush camp, there is going to be a book signing...

 right here in New York City in less than two weeks


For those of you who don't know Michael Bush, if you are a Michael Jackson fan, it's no DOUBT that you've seen his work on Michael at some point. So many of Michael's most iconic moments have been captured on film and the work of designer Michael Bush played a major part in his regal style. Michael Bush and his partner Dennis Tompkins not only worked with Michael through the Bad era onto the This Is It tour preparations, but they also designed some things for Neverland Valley Ranch and accessories used in other parts of Michael Jackson's life.

Some of you might say... okay, what could possibly be IN this book that would tickle my fancy? Well, here's a small excerpt from the official website, dressingmichaeljackson.com:

 "THE KING OF STYLE will feature exquisite photographs of the striking fashions worn by Michael at the height of his career, as well as images showing the carefully planned construction of the clothes to incorporate his unique dance moves and the details of the dynamic fabrics, metals and other materials used. Accompanying text will provide insight into the artists’ methodology and fascinating stories from their decades-long relationship. Their stories are funny and touching, and show a human and artistic side of Michael Jackson not seen in the various other books about him on the market."

Interested? If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who will be at the annual Comic Convention (Comic Con) at the Jacob Javitz Center, you can visit Michael Bush for an advance copy of his book Dressing Michael Jackson there.

For those who won't make that, the Michael Jackson Fan Exclusive book signing will be held at the Hard Rock New York Times Square on Friday, October 12th from 3-5 p.m

Guests will be the FIRST in the world to purchase the book and get it personally autographed by Michael Bush.

I am so sad because I will be on a business trip and unable to attend this event but, I am SUPER excited for all of my friends that will get to have this amazing opportunity  I can personally vouch that after Michael passed away in 2009, I reached out to Michael Bush on Facebook and asked him what the CTE on Michael's shirts stood for. He was kind enough to answer me in a private message. (I wore a replica of Michael's CTE shirt to a party last spring). There's no doubt to the answer to that and other burning questions will be inside the book!

What are you waiting for?       Visit LegacyOfLoveNYC.com for more information on how to attend with other MJ Fans in the area!

Forever Michael Review & Michael Jackson BAD T-Shirt.

Hey all!

So I am back with an update on the Michael birthday weekend festivities. It was really a great weekend overall but, can I say that I could hardly move on Sunday afternoon?


It all started with the MJ Fun Fest held by Heal the World for Children. 

I was one of many volunteers there and was at the registration/sign-in table for the majority of the time. I really enjoy that job because I am pretty organized and consider myself to be a people person so, dealing with wristbanding and consent form collection is my thing. And if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that my career goal is to become an event producer, and registration is one of my specialties.

The sun was blazing hot but, the shining rays were lovely reminders of Michael's love and the good that we were doing for all of the children. (Plus, we had our handy dandy Michael Jackson umbrellas shading us from the sun. Can you see my arm peaking out on the right side?)

The children engaged in Arts&Crafts, played games, and got to snack on pizza and yummy cake. The best part was watching the kids interact with the Thrill the World dancers and Aarteast, one of NYC's best tribute artists.

And onto the night, Forever Michael.

This year DJ Spinna held a slammin party at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn and as always, the party was awesome and rockin' all night long. I used to dream about parties where they'd play MJ all night long.

Kinda like the HIStory Remix music video but cooler.

Yeah... :)

Here are some pictures of me getting my groove on.

It was a fun weekend. I chose to wore the BAD shirt because we are all so anxiously awaiting BAD 25 and what better way to show my love for the BADDEST man in the history of music?

I got my shirt right here on amazon.com. it's really good quality and a nice fitting Ladies Shirt for those of you who like the BAD era like I do.

Celebrating Michael is always bittersweet but, many good memories were made with my MJ Family.

Well, until the next adventure....

Spike Lee, Brooklyn Loves MJ Cancelled - DJ Spinna to Still Spin on August 25th

One of the biggest and most shocking disappointments of Michael Jackson season 2012 has been the sudden cancellation of the BK loves MJ party in Prospect Park. 

I can say that I, like many others looked forward to this all year and the cancellation just 12 days before the event was really frustrating. It was also cancelled last year due to Hurricane Irene.

I hope that it will go on next year since it will be Michael's 55th birthday in spirit.

On the flip side, its awesome to know that the party isn't stopping for DJ Spinna! He will be throwing an alternative event from 6pm-12am in Delkalb Market, also in Brooklyn. Its open to people of all ages and free for children 13 and under - only 10 bucks each for everyone else. You know that I've raved about his work here and here so, you can guess where I will be!

There are also other options like the annual Heal the World for Children Festival which will feature activities, food, and fun for children of all ages that morning. After that, there is the MJ Fanmily Event (organized by 3 rockin' ladies who spearhead the Thrill the World event every year) in Central Park at 3pm.

All of these events can be found my doing a simple Facebook search and if I have any updated information I will post links accordingly.

What are you doing to celebrate Michael's birthday this year?